The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013 - 6pm ET

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

How do I tell a non-practicing Catholic that I can’t go to his civil wedding?

If I am in an inter-faith marriage and my husband doesn’t want our children baptized, is it my moral obligation to baptize them secretly?

My friend says she goes to confession by phone -- is this allowed? 

My daughter was date raped a few months ago -- how can I, as a father, move past this? How do I find a counselor for my daughter?

Can we ask for the intercession of people from the Old Testament? 

I’m coming into the Church on Easter, and I want to make sure that my wife and I have a valid marriage -- how do I know?

What gives a priest the right to deny me absolution?

I’m married to a Buddhist -- should I press to get my children baptized at the expense of my family? Can I wait until they get older and let them decide on their own?

I left the Church and came back, but I did not baptize my children or raise them in the Church -- can I personally baptize them? 

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