The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 - 6pm ET

What is the best way to deal with bi-sexual friends?

I am in the annulment process and I am having a hard time finding good resources on going through this and knowing how to feel towards my husband. (It was an abusive marriage) Do you have have any advice on how to go through this or any resources?

My husband is having an affair. He has asked me to go on a vacation with him. Should I go?

I’ve been asking God to help me with my vocation. I am civilly married and we were planning on having the marriage blessed but now my husband is an atheist and I’m looking for advice on how to move forward and what to do now.

How do I get my husband on board for being more religious. (Going to Mass, prayer groups, marriage retreat) How does a wife push their husband without pushing him away?

Why do we continue to give those who stray additional opportunities? Like the man who was having an affair.

I struggle with fear and depression. Please give me some advice on how to deal with this.

What does the Church say about aborting a child who will die shortly after birth anyway?

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