The Catechism and Christian Prayer

Friday, Nov 21, 2008 - 7pm ET

Dr. Tom Curran is director of Trinity Formation Resources, a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping Catholics understand, live, and share their Catholic faith. In addition, Tom serves Catholic priests and ministry leaders through Formation-by-Phone sessions.

Tom has a graduate degree from the Gregorian University in Rome and a Ph.D. in systematic theology from Catholic University. 

Previously, Tom served as the Director of Evangelization 2000 for North America and the Caribbean. In that role, he helped ministry leaders of Catholic evangelization initiatives around the world to develop and inspire Catholic responses to Pope John Paul II’s call for a New Evangelization in preparation for the Great Jubilee Year 2000.

Catechism Tracts
These tracts provide an authoritative education on the Catholic Church one topic at a time, with every tract condensing and paraphrasing a section of the Catechism—covering thirty-nine different topics. Each tract takes just minutes to read and provides a fast education on each topic. They’re the perfect way to share official Church teaching with anyone and everyone.