Roadblocks on the Journey Home

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2011 - 6pm ET

Marcus Grodi and his wife, Marilyn were lifelong Protestants, and he was an ordained Presbyterian minister, before they were both received into the Catholic Church in 1992. After they converted, they began to meet other clergy converts as well as clergy and their families who were still on the journey home. Together they saw the need for a fellowship of converts and their families to provide a network of help to others still on the journey. This is how the Coming Home Network International began in 1993. 

Over the last 17 years, the Coming Home Network has grown considerably, primarily because the Holy Spirit continues to open the hearts and minds of our separated brethren to the truth of the Catholic Faith. 

Journeys Home
Journeys Home contains the conversion stories of numerous men and women who, as a result of their surrender to Jesus Christ, heard a call to follow Him more completely. They all discovered Jesus Christ in some branch of Protestantism, yet in each case, their desire to follow Christ faithfully, and to remain faithful to the truth He taught and the Church He established through His apostles, led them to consider the claims of the Catholic Church.