Q&A Open Forum (Part II)

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 - 7pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

Have we strayed away from the disciples’ idea of what the Church should be?

How could the story of Adam and Eve be true? Didn’t the first man originate in Africa?

Is it okay to attend Mass in another language, if you don’t understand it?

Do embryos created through technology have a soul? If so, what happens to their soul if they are never implanted in a uterus?

What is the origin of Halloween?

Is it not prudent to distinguish between mortal souls and the immortal soul of man?

Could the big bang be God’s voice?

What does it mean in Colossians, where it says that Christ is the firstborn of all creation?

Why Is That In Tradition?
"Why Is That In Tradition? explains the crucial biblical difference between Tradition with a capital T and the many ""small-t"" traditions and customs that are of human origin."