Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Jun 5, 2012 - 6pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

Is it appropriate for the prayer to St. Michael to be said right before Mass? When did the practice of saying it at Mass start?

While avoiding the topic of accidents, could you discuss what happens to the particles of the bread and wine when they are blessed?

Do we get rewards in heaven for good deeds we do on earth?

Is there an official repository for documents from councils and synods that lay Catholics can access?

How do I approach my friend who believes in predestination but still goes to a Catholic Church?

My mom was told that she couldn’t have Maria Goretti as her confirmation name, and that it would have to be Marie -- why was this?

Regarding St. Alphonsus’ sermon “On the number of sins which God pardons no more,” are his interpretations of Wisdom 11:21 and Romans 9:18 still used today?

Where did “Hosanna” originate?

What is the difference between worshipping and honoring Mary?

There is a homeless man who sleeps in the adoration chapel -- should I talk to our priest about this?

My sister has a severe mental illness and doesn’t believe in God anymore -- will God still have mercy on her and work in her life?

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