Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012 - 7pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

In Veritatis Splendor, is the pope is asking everyone to sell their possessions?

How can we get cardinals and bishops on the same page when it comes to moral issues?

What is the Church’s official position on the third secret of Fatima?

Is it true that women and children are not supposed to have their feet washed on Holy Thursday?

If a young person wanted to know what reason they had to stay in the Catholic Church, what would you say?

How was the Apostle Paul in the line of succession and able to participate in the laying on of hands?

”This Is My Body”: Did Jesus Mean What He Said? - Staples vs. Barnes - A Debate
Catholic Answers apologist Tim Staples heads Down Under to defend the Real Presence in this stirring debate with Rev. Peter Barnes, Australia’s leading Evangelical controversialist. Recorded live in the city of Blacktown, New South Wales, ”This Is My Body”: Did Jesus Mean What He Said? is a classic duel between Catholic belief in the Eucharist and Reformed Protestantism’s purely symbolic “Lord’s Supper.”