Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 - 6pm ET

Patrick Madrid answers:

Why are some Catholic Universities allowed to cover contraception in their insurance policies without losing their Catholic designation?

Why are abortions done so often?

Who do you follow: the word of God or the pope?

How do you explain the contradiction between popes who have said that there is no salvation outside the Church and popes who have said that there is salvation outside the Church?

How do I respond to a Protestant who believes that the idea of purgatory implies that Christ didn’t do enough for us?

Can someone decide that they are no longer Catholic once they have been baptized and confirmed?

Is the holiday Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day?

Why do some people fall into specific sins (such as adultery) more easily than others?

What is the alternative for fasting and abstinence if a medical condition prevents them?

Is there a good critical review of The Pope’s War by Matthew Fox?

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