Q&A Open Forum

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 - 6pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

Have you heard Cardinal Daniel Dinardo speak about a female pope?

In regard to the HHS mandate, why don’t the bishops resort to excommunication of politicians?

I’m thinking about becoming a Catholic, but I’ve been divorced and remarried – what steps should I take?

What do the Masons believe?

Where do Protestants get the notion that they can attend or belong to any type church, whereas we believe that Jesus founded the one true Catholic Church?

Is it a sin to not take my autistic child to Mass on Sunday because she may misbehave?

Are those who commit mortal sins without knowing it at risk of not being saved?

Is there a difference between how Protestants and Catholics view missionary work?

How powerful is Planned Parenthood within the government given the danger of contraception and the fight that is currently going on for our religious liberty?

The Salvation Controversy
The Salvation Controversy is a serious work by a serious and supremely-gifted defender of the faith on a topic of central concern for everyone. If it elicits the response it deserves, then all of us, whatever our confessional commitments, will at least be clearer about what really does divide us. And what does not.