Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012 - 7pm ET

Fr. Joseph Fessio answers:

How do we explain the faith, while relying on language in Scripture that can be confusing? 

How did concupiscence come about?

Can you define “authority” according to the Catholic Church?

Don’t the saints have better things to do in heaven than listen to our prayers and pray for us?

I’m using the Jerusalem Bible -- is this acceptable?

When we say the Our Father, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say “Our Father, who is heaven?”

What do you think the place in history will be for Pope Benedict? (On the level of Aquinas?)

My friend holds the Eucharist in his mouth for quite some time -- what are the Church’s rules about this?

Do you recommend the Ignatius Study Bible?

If I am not sure that I’m going to avoid the sin in the future, should I go to confession for it?