Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 - 7pm ET

Jim Blackburn answers:

One of the male students at the public high school I work for wears fake nails and makeup -- is there anything I can do or say to help him?

When my son was baptized, the priest approved a Greek Orthodox godfather -- was he mistaken in doing this?

Is it permissible for a Catholic to go to a non-Catholic Christian service?

Why do Catholics call the pope the Holy Father, if that’s what we call God?

Can a priest use water only in the consecration?

Is it imperative that the priest say the Confiteor at the beginning of Mass?

Because God is outside of time, can our prayers influence someone’s life before the prayer is said?

Is cultural definition of modesty a kind of moral relativism?

Where in the Bible did God say that he the office of the pope is holy?

Is it okay for a Catholic to be re-baptized in the Jordan River?