Q&A Open Forum

Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 - 6pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

What is binding prayer? Are Catholics encouraged or permitted to use it?

Is Mary a saint? If so, why do we call her “blessed”?

Is it wrong for someone to belong to a rite, and then go to mass in a different rite?

I think men are 50% of the problem with abortion, so why should men be able to speak about abortion at all?

Why are the liturgical changes taking place?

Did God command pre-emptive war or the slaughter of Canaanite women?

Does the Greek Orthodox Church believe in purgatory?

Why can’t women be priests?

Does Mass Revision detail the exact changes in the liturgy? Are there any plans to change the Liturgy of the Hours?

Are there going to be changes to the Mass in other languages than English?

Mass Revision
Mass Revision provides an overview of the Mass from beginning to end, showing you exactly how the Church says it is to be celebrated. Topics include the introductory rites, the liturgy of the word, the liturgy of the Eucharist, who can and cannot receive Communion, the concluding rites, liturgical furnishings and vestments, postures and actions during Mass, as well as the hot-button issue of liturgical abuses