Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011 - 6pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

What book do you recommend I give a Protestant friend?

Is it true that once you are a priest, you are always a priest?

How is St. Michael both an angel and a saint?

Do you have to go to mass to have a relationship with God?

Can you explain what is meant in 1 Tim 2?

What is the significance of the number 40?

Is the single life a vocation like marriage and holy orders?

Can you explain Reiki?

Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic
With a down-to-earth mixture of self-effacing humor and passionate love for his hard-won Catholic faith, Tim offers an hour’s worth of heartwarming stories and thought-provoking insights into the Church, Scripture, and what it means to discover, embrace, and live out the Catholic faith first handed down from Christ to the apostles.