Pro-Life Open Forum

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013 - 7pm ET

What is the difference between using a chemical weapon on people and abortion?

We had a difficult C-section and were told not to get pregnant for 16 months. How to we practice NFP if there is not a regulated cycle?

If a Catholic holds a pro-life position but vote for a pro-choice candidate, is he in good standing with the Church?

We’ve had breakthrough in genetics. If we can genetically alter things, why can’t we help infertile couples?

I have a sister with dementia and they do not watch her. She was sent to the hospital for dehydration because she knocks over her water in the home she’s in no one does anything….what should I do?

My daughter has been trying to conceive for years but cannot. Can you suggest any resources or places that can help?

I am against capital punishment, but a lot of Catholic friends of mine believe in capital punishment, what is the Catholic stance on that?

I've been dealing with infertility and am going to get a hysterectomy for medical issues. Do you have any suggestions?

How do you approach using the voice of men in the dialogue of choice?

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