Pro-Life Open Forum

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 - 7pm ET

Dr. Delgado answers:

Does the pro-life movement believe that abortion is an option? Can I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center that teaches this?

Is the pro-life message from the Church in America different from the pro-life message in other parts of the world? Are the "Pro-Life Marches" in America part of what we are called to do as Catholics?

I would like clarification on supporting inter-denominational pregnancy centers. 

As a nurse how can I get trained in ethics and NFP?

Is it true that abortion and the pill have increased breast cancer in young women?

If we allow Catholics an exemption from the HHS mandate, can we allow Quakers from not having to pay taxes that go towards military/war funding?

Do OB/GYN’s still give IUD’s to their patients even though they cause pelvic inflammatory disease?

Do unborn children have souls? If they don’t have souls does that make abortion okay?

My Catholic doctor recommends I go on contraception for health reasons. Should I do this even though my husband and I don’t want to?

Since God gave us free will, shouldn’t women be given the freedom to choose between abortion or alternative options?

Why is birth control an intrinsic evil?

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