Pro-Life Open Forum

Friday, Mar 7, 2014 - 7pm ET

Is okay for other Catholics to tell me who I should vote for, based on a candidate’s pro-life position?

What about capital punishment? Where does this topic fall in the pro-life movement? I never hear pro-life individuals talk about this.

I used to work at a Protestant pregnancy center and I converted to Catholicism last year. I lost my job as a result. I just found out that they are having a very prominent Catholic pro-life speaker at their upcoming fundraiser. I think it is unfair to the speaker if she doesn’t know about how I was treated by them because of my faith. I am looking for some advice on approaching this situation graciously and not vengefully.

Can I have some advice on how to speak to individuals born through in-vitro fertilization. I would like to be able to express the church’s view on this practice to them, but not make them feel like they themselves are at fault.

Why can’t we replace the word “abortion” with “murder”? I feel we should call it what it is.

Would a person like Ted Bundy, a murderer, have the right to life in the eyes of the church? Or have his actions forfeited his life? I am a father, and people like him would be a threat to my children’s lives.

Book of Wisdom says “children born of adulterers will remain without issue”, so are children born out of wedlock (their parents chose life) not accepted in God’s eyes? This passage is troubling for me.

At what age would it be appropriate for me to take my kids with me when I go to pray outside the abortion clinic? I don’t want to give them too much information at too young of an age. 

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