Pro-Life Open Forum

Friday, Mar 7, 2014 - 6pm ET

Life, love, prayer and commitment. What do you think about going beyond talking about the issue but beginning to act? We can’t just talk the talk.

Is there any truth to the girl scouts of America being connected to Planned Parenthood?

How can we draw more attention and get the word out about the negative health effects of oral contraceptives and abortion on women?

Some friends of mine want to adopt, but are having a lot of trouble with babies being available to adopt. I am curious if there has ever been a petition by parents desiring to adopt to approach women prior to their having an abortion (e.g. ask to adopt her baby)? Has there ever been an effort to put NFP information in secular areas in addition to contraceptive and abortion information?

Our pastor never preaches on abortion because he doesn’t want to bother the women in the congregation who may have had an abortion. I understand his being merciful, but this really bothers me.

Making The Case For Life
No matter how hard you try, talking with your friends and family about abortion too often winds up at one extreme or the other—either tempers and emotions get out of hand or to keep the peace you agree to disagree and move on to another subject. Neither approach serves the pro-life cause, says Trent Horn. In his new DVD, Making the Case for Life, he shows you how to avoid those extremes, presenting a roadmap for talking about abortion that really gets people engaged on the gravest moral question of our age.