Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013 - 6pm ET

Since there are no true pictures of Jesus only someones interpretation of Jesus, are these pictures considered false images?

How does the Church explain praying to the dead, especially when it seems like the Old Testament discourages praying to the dead?

I believe that salvation comes from grace and not works. How does Mary come into our salvation? Acts 4:12

I go to non-denomination church. My 16 year-old has evil spirits in her. She doesn’t care that she has these evil spirits in her. How can I intervene for her and heal her? Also, can you explain the difference between deliverance and exorcism?

Why do people have to confess to a priest? Why can’t we just confess our sins to God? Also, will you further explain the whole concept of praying for each other?  

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