Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Monday, Sep 9, 2013 - 7pm ET

I say the rosary and believe in asking for intercession of Mary. My stumbling block is that it seems to me Catholics' devotion to Mary is more important than their devotion to Christ.

What is the difference between the Catholic crucifix and the Protestant cross without the corpse?

I heard someone say that Jesus is bound to obey Mary because she is his mother. Is that a Catholic teaching or someone’s opinion?  

What are Tim’s views on the persecution of Christians who try to share their faith in the military?

Why do Catholics believe that the pope is infallible? What is the biblical source for the infallibility of the pope?

Why do Catholics believe that Mary will crush the head of Satan? There is no biblical reference to this belief.

Why are the Catholic ten commandments different than the ten commandments of other Christian churches?

Truth And Consequences: The Case For Authority
Authority. For many non-Catholics it’s the single greatest stumbling block when it comes to seeing eye-to-eye with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Once you convince a non-Catholic to accept the teachings of an infallible Magisterium, everything else seems to fall into place. Let Tim Staples new DVD, Truth And Consequences: The Case For Authority help you break down those barriers.