Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Monday, Aug 19, 2013 - 6pm ET

Describe a fundamentalist approach to the contraception issue? Do Catholics have a fundamentalist approach?

A lot of Catholics don’t agree with the Catholic church on a lot of issues --- why are they still allowed to be Catholic?

Can you please explain NFP? Is it okay for a married couple to have sexual relations during pregnancy?

The commandments that God gives to Moses seems to be very different than the teaching Jesus gives us in the New Testament. Are they?

How much honor is too much for Mary? When does it turn to worship?

Is it true that Mother Teresa would deny pain medicine to those who are in pain because she believed their suffering was redemptive? Would the church approve of viagara?

What is the difference between the Protestant group (Exodus) and the Catholic group (Courage)? How do their teachings differ?

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