Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 6pm ET

David Anders answers:

How are popes selected?

What do I need to do to come back to the Catholic Church?

My wife and I have both been married before -- can you explain how the Catholic Church would determine if we had sacramental bonds with our ex-spouses?

Are monks Christians? Is there a difference between Tibetan monks and Catholic monks?

What is the difference between a true Catholic exorcism and a deliverance prayer said by a Protestant?

It seems that there is scandal after scandal in the Catholic Church -- why should someone like me even consider joining?

What is the process for getting an annulment?

Do Catholics believe that there is salvation outside the Catholic Church?

My wife is Catholic and I think my role is not to convert her to Lutheranism, but to help her be a better Catholic -- what are your thoughts on this?

What historical evidence do you have that the Catholic Church was started by Christ?

Why did God allow the Reformation to happen?