Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Monday, Apr 23, 2012 - 7pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

Could you explain the development of American Catholics’ views on Latin rites and Eastern rites?

My Catholic husband and I have been asked to be godparents -- is it okay for me, a Presbyterian, to accept?

If Jesus is the son of God, why do you say that he is God? Likewise, can you explain the Holy Spirit?

I read that the Catholic Church had the authority to change Mass to Sunday -- is this true?

Why did the Church change so many rules (for example, that you can’t eat meat on Fridays and that you can’t touch the host)?

In my Presbyterian Bible and the Catholic Bible, Exodus 20, the commandments, are the same -- why are they different, then, in my daughter’s Catechism?

Why are some angels, like St. Michael, named saints?

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