Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Monday, Jun 23, 2014 - 7pm ET

What is the Catholic stance on the Book of Revelation, most especially the end times?

Are Jews wrong in their belief?

My father just passed away. He was a practicing Catholic, but since me and my family are not Catholics we didn’t have a Mass said for him and we haven’t been praying for his soul. Will this make his stay in purgatory longer?

Do Catholics believe in the rapture?

Can you explain the contradiction in Ephesians and in Romans concerning what our relationships should be with government authority?

I am Eastern Orthodox and we never had a Vatican II, can you explain the need for that reformation from a Catholic perspective?

Is Religiosity a man-made thing?

I am considering converting to Catholicism, but I struggle with the idea of purgatory. What’s the Church's teaching on that and what did the Early Church Fathers believe regarding Purgatory?