Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Monday, Jan 20, 2014 - 6pm ET

What is the importance of doctrine vs. personal experience of faith? How do you balance the two?

Once I’m done with RCIA where can I go to continue to be fed in the Faith? I’m not getting fed at Mass.

In relation to a previous caller, will you elaborate on how Jesus appeals to our heart and that’s where our conversion comes in?

Vatican II called Protestants “our separated brethren.” Will you elaborate on that and help me understand what they mean by this?

Are you worshiping Mary and saints when we pray to them? It seems like a distraction from God when we go to Mary and saints rather than God himself.

According to canon law, a woman who has abortion is immediately excommunicated. Why is abortion the only offense that results in excommunication?

Crossing The Tiber
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