Open Forum for Atheists

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 - 6pm ET

In this hour, Trent Horn takes questions from atheist callers only.

Trent answers:

Is there a good argument for substance dualism? Why aren’t there more arguments about the existence of the soul in light of advances in neuroscience and philosophy?

What is the role of religion in the public square? How do you weigh your right to practice religion against my right to not have any?

How do you define moral relativism? What are the benefits of moral absolutism over moral relativism?

Why do humans have to have a reason to exist? Do other animals have to have a reason?

Why has Catholicism embraced the pro-life view so strongly now, since it didn’t during World War II as people were being killed in concentration camps?

It seems that religious thought is based off of axioms, which seems to run contrary to what St. Thomas Aquinas said -- what are your thoughts on this?

The Godless Delusion
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