Open Forum

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 - 6pm ET

What happens to the soul after the body dies?

My husband is Baptist and is becoming more against Catholicism. He now does not allow our daughter to go to Mass. What can I do?

How can a Catholic interpret 1 John 3:9 as it relates to salvation in a Catholic understanding?

Is there any biblical support for whether the Jews relied on any tradition outside of scripture?

Are the small differences between the accounts of the Sermon on the Mount due to the different audiences the Gospel writers were writing to?

A guy I work with thinks it should be legal to sell our organs. I said it should be illegal because it objectifies our body, just like prostitution. Is my argument correct?

Who is more at fault for the Fall: Adam or Eve? I recently heard a theory that said that Eve was less culpable.

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