Open Forum

Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 - 7pm ET

In terms that an Eastern Christian can understand, what is the difference between the Catholic understanding of atonement and the Protestant one?

What are the requirements for someone being declared “Servant of God” or being beatified? How does that process work?

How late to Mass (both daily and Sunday) can I be and still receive communion?

The book of Ecclesiastes says that man and animal are given a spirit of life. So we are made in the image of God but animals are made from the love of God. I think it is scientifically proven that animals have emotions. Am I off track on any of this?

In Matthew 6 we’re told to not worry. How can I apply this to my everyday life? Also, I currently don’t tithe because I’m worried about having enough money; is this okay?

Will there be physical pain in purgatory?

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