Open Forum

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 - 7pm ET

What is the historicity of Job, specifically the conversation between God and the Devil?

My friend is a Protestant pastor who baptizes “in Jesus’ name only”. She dismisses what the Church Fathers say on this. How can I help her understand the true baptismal formula?

What resources could I recommend to a Muslim who doesn’t understand the Trinity? She doesn’t understand how God could have a Son and be more than one person.

Why do the readings for the first Sunday of Advent relate to the second coming of Christ and not the first coming?

During an exorcism, when someone speaks in another language, is the devil making a mockery of the gift of tongues?

Will Satan ever come back to God?

How do I deal with my mother-in-law who is very against my family’s Catholicism?

Can you give me an example of the anagogical sense of scripture?

Can the Orthodox Church declare a Catholic marriage null?

How can I explain to my friend why Catholics confess to priests? I used John 20 (what you retain shall be retained). My friend came back with “Well, Jesus died for all sins.” Where do I go from here?

How do you deal with confessing a sin repeatedly and confessing it over and over to the same priest?

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