Open Forum

Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 - 7pm ET

I know of some elderly people that are living together so as to maintain certain benefits. Is this ok?

Is it okay for someone going into the Catholic Church to attend a Protestant worship service (not substitute it for mass) in an ecumenical sense?

I’m a recent convert to the Church. What is the difference between doctrine and dogma? What is a spiritual director and how do you get one?  

Is it morally okay to not resuscitate a hospice patient if they do not want to?

Where in the bible does it mention contraception as a bad thing, where the person uses the withdraw method and was struck down?

My wife had a non-reversible procedure done that made her sterile. I heard it could be a mortal sin, but could she be forgiven even though she will always be in this barren state or will she die in mortal sin?

The bible speaks about Deaconesses, could you please explain this to me?

No where in the Gospel do we read that Jesus laughed or had fun, is there a reason for that?

What is a plenary indulgence and how do I receive it for the one given for the year of faith?

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