Open Forum

Thursday, Oct 3, 2013 - 7pm ET

I’ve heard it said that the Church is misogynistic, could you help me articulate why this is not true?

I saw a guy at the airport who had something on his head and he was bowing...could you tell me what he was doing and why?

How do I deal with fallen away Catholics?

Do you think there will ever be a possibility that priests will ever get married?

My husband is teaching faith formation. In their curriculum it says that Yahweh means I AM, and a little Jewish girl said that’s not true. What does it actually mean?

Would I be out of communication with the Church if I went to an SSPX chapel?

Would having embryos in a freezer be considered life support?

How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Apologetics And Evangelization
"Catholic apologetics is back. It's everywhere. As a professional apologist, Mark Brumley sees this renaissance as an immensely good thing -- an essential part of the Church's evangelical mission. Even so, grave dangers attend this apologetics renaissance. Some of these dangers are so serious, they threaten to undermine the 'good' that apologetics can accomplish. Brumley calls these dangers the Seven Deadly Sins Of Catholic Apologetics And Evangelization. Like the seven deadly sins of the moral life, they are ""deadly"" not merely as isolated, individual acts but as vices or evil habits -- habitual tendencies to act in a certain way. In How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Catholic Apologetics And Evangelization, Brumley exposes them for you."