Open Forum

Thursday, Sep 5, 2013 - 7pm ET

Where in the bible does it say that you can pray to Mary?

What is the right number of precepts for the Church and what is the tradition?

What is the Church’s position on Muslims and worshiping the same God?

What is an apostolic pardon?

I’m on birth control for regulation of my cycles, is that okay?

What is the responsibility of extraordinary ministers?

Could you better explain limbo and purgatory with relation to the unborn?

It seems like divorce and remarriage is the only sin that God will not forgive, is that true?

Is there any book on short stories for young adults?

With response to whether Muslims believe in the same God, could you take the argument of rationality as a main difference?

What is the Church’s stance on unionism and synchronism?

Why do Catholics pray to dead people?

If you have an abortion what are the steps to come back into communion with the Church?

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