Open Forum

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2013 - 7pm ET

I have a problem with the use of the New American Bible in the liturgy, especially “Hail, favored one” at the Annunciation. Why are we using the NAB?

When exactly does transubstantiation take place?

Why does God give some people the grace to be Catholic and not others?

Should we not harm ourselves because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?

If an individual supports same-sex marriage can he call himself a Catholic?

Why do certain Catholic prayers seem to be superstitious?

Why is Barnabas listed as an apostle? He wasn’t one of the twelve.

Defending Your Faith: How to Counter Standard Objections to Catholicism
The most common charge non-Catholic Christians make against the Catholic Church is that the tenets of Catholicism are man-made and unbiblical. Those are serious charges, for sure. But can you refute them?