Open Forum

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2013 - 6pm ET

After you lay out logical, reasoned answers to protestants and they still do not want to hear you or listen to reason, is there anything else you can do?

My daughter has extremely bad acne and her dermatologist wants to put her on the pill. What should I do?

How much truth is in the movie “The Da Vinci Code.” Has the Church said anything about it?

Do you know of any Catholics who have been disciplined for being a Mason?

I have a Baptist friend who argues with me on the primacy of Peter. He says the primacy ended when Peter died. Can you give me any Scriptural references to defend the ongoing papacy?

What does it mean that Jesus has both a human and a divine nature?

Is there a system in place where people can obtain English translations of papal documents from the 19th century or perhaps earlier?

What does ex cathedra mean? When is the pope infallible and is Humanae Vitae infallible?

Catholicism and Fundamentalism
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