Open Forum

Thursday, Aug 1, 2013 - 7pm ET

I am separated from my husband and I am now pregnant from another man... this man is involved with drugs and so I am not sure if I should keep him included in my child’s life. What should I do?

Can you please clarify Pope Francis’ comment on homosexuality?

What is your opinion on the movie Jesus of Nazareth?

What do I tell my friend about transubstantiation?

I’m having a hard time praying without saying “Jehovah” because of my past, is that a bad thing?

I’m a registered sex offender and they won’t let me go to church and won’t let me be a part of the parish... Can they do this?

How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Apologetics And Evangelization
"Catholic apologetics is back. It's everywhere. As a professional apologist, Mark Brumley sees this renaissance as an immensely good thing -- an essential part of the Church's evangelical mission. Even so, grave dangers attend this apologetics renaissance. Some of these dangers are so serious, they threaten to undermine the 'good' that apologetics can accomplish. Brumley calls these dangers the Seven Deadly Sins Of Catholic Apologetics And Evangelization. Like the seven deadly sins of the moral life, they are ""deadly"" not merely as isolated, individual acts but as vices or evil habits -- habitual tendencies to act in a certain way. In How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Catholic Apologetics And Evangelization, Brumley exposes them for you."