Open Forum

Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 - 7pm ET

Why can’t people just go directly to God instead of going to confession?

Is it proper to make the sign of the Cross at an Eastern orthodox church?

I’m having trouble whether or not I’m being judgemental.. Is it my duty to tell people when they are doing something wrong? Should I just leave them alone?

What is the difference between Islam and Christianity? Could God purposefully lead someone astray?

 How can I increase my devotion to the Blessed Mother?

Do Catholics believe that people from other religions will go to heaven?

Are there any biblical reference to others who can see spirits?

Did Christ Give Us Priests? - The Priesthood Debate
Former Protestant Jimmy Akin and former Catholic priest Dr. Anthony Pezzotta face off and hash out their differences respectfully and informatively with specific references to Scripture and to the beliefs and teachings of the early Church.