Open Forum

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2013 - 7pm ET

Jim Blackburn answers:

When we on earth pray to those in heaven, are they affected by our human distresses?

My wife and I would like to get married in the Catholic Church. Do we have to do the 9 month engagement encounter courses?

Is being gay a sin or is it the actions that make it a sin?

What are we before we are baptized?

Does the government fund abortion?

Can a Jew go to heaven without accepting Christ?

I am in the middle of an annulment and my ex-husband is remarrying. What is my status if my annulment doesn’t go through?

Are all religions good?

I fell in love with a man that was separated and Lutheran. We married in his church because we were not allowed to be married in the Church. I now have come back to the Church but I need an annulment and I am bothered by this. What should I do about this?

101 Quick Questions with Catholic Answers: Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment
Selected and introduced by Catholic Answers’ staff apologist Jim Blackburn, this easy-to-follow book aims to help Catholics more fully understand the Catholic Church’s teaching and laws concerning marriage so that they can be assured of always treating marriage with the dignity and respect that God originally intended for this sacred institution.