Open Forum

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 - 7pm ET

Tim Staples answers:
My in-laws are Pentecostal and believe in baptism in the name of Jesus. How can I tell them this is not correct?

I have JW friends who do not believe the divinity of Christ. How do I teach them about this?

Can the book of Deuteronomy be used to explain the punishment of Onan?

Can you please explain transubstantiation in John 6?

What is the official teaching the church has for receiving communion on the tongue or on the hand?

Do we automatically go to Heaven or Hell after we die?

What is Purgatory?

Nuts And Bolts
"Tim Staples, a former Assemblies of God youth pastor, is a convert to the Catholic Church. During his days as a Protestant, he was convinced that the Catholic Church and most of its teachings were ""unbiblical,"" and he used many biblical arguments trying to demonstrate that. Now, as a Catholic, he is a leading defender of the Catholic Church and in this book he gives you step-by-step answers to fourteen of the most common arguments thrown at Catholics."