Open Forum

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 - 6pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

What is the history of the Jesuits and what happened in the 1770’s under Clement the 14th?

What is the dating of Last Supper in relation to the Passover?

Why does the pope change his name when he is elected?

What is the difference between Jesuit priests and diocesan priests?

Will Pope Francis keep the reforms Benedict made to the new Mass?

When did the tradition of having an installation Mass for the pope first start?

What is your take on the prophecy of having a black pope?

Now that Pope Benedict has retired, will he still be infallible?

Pope Francis said we should pray directly to Jesus and if we don’t pray directly to Jesus, we are praying to the devil. Can you explain this?

How can two homosexuals have a marriage consummated?

How are we sure the Bible is the Word of the God?

Why does Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms not have “keys” at the top of it?