Open Forum

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013 - 6pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

I disagree with a lot of the positions that my Bishop has been taking and I don’t know if I should contribute to the annual Bishop's appeal. What should I do about this?

What defines the unity of the Catholic Church when there isn’t a Pope?

Can you please explain what resurrection and ascension are?

How do I deal with the death of an enemy?

How do I incorporate good works into the steps to gaining salvation?


Catholics And The Culture War
We will lose the fight for America if we don’t stop and answer one simple question— What went wrong? American society has changed dramatically—and for the worse. We’re already at the point where the faith has been largely pushed out of public life. Now its enemies are trying to stifle it completely. These are perilous times to be a Christian of any stripe, much less a Catholic. How did we get here? And what are we to do?