Open Forum

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 - 6pm ET

Karl Keating answers:

My Protestant friend uses Isaiah 66:22 to argue that there are two heavens -- what does this passage mean? How do I answer him?

Did John Paul II change the rules of how a pope is selected? Who is eligible to be the pope?

Can a Catholic be a godparent at a Lutheran baptism?

Do you know anything about the prophecy of Malachi?

Do you have to be baptized in any faith to go to heaven?

Is Cardinal Mahony eligible to be part of the conclave to elect Benedict XVI’s successor?

How can I connect my atheist friend, who is very depressed, with God so that she can be happy again?

What traditions was Jesus condemning in Mark 7:13?

What Catholics Really Believe
Questions arising from common misconceptions about what Catholics believe are addressed in What Catholics Really Believe. Karl Keating does an excellent job of clearly explaining Catholic practices that even devout Catholics can have a difficult time explaining to others.