Open Forum

Monday, Feb 11, 2013 - 6pm ET

David Anders answers:

Is the Church willing to allow women priests?

Is the Church willing to allow priests to be married?

I think that the timing of the pope stepping down is very important, since Lent is about to begin and it is a time for the Church to pray for the Holy Father we need -- what are your thoughts on this?

Should young children and babies receive ashes on their foreheads?

Women were “ordained” in Toledo this weekend by Archbishop Heckman -- do you know anything about him? Isn’t this against the doctrine of the Church?

Now that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, will he receive a papal burial when he passes away?

The secular media is trying to make it sound like Pope Benedict XVI had a bad history and is resigning because of this -- what is the answer to this?

It seems that the Church has been ambiguous about its willingness to dialogue with opposing viewpoints -- do you feel that this is a problem that needs to be addressed?

Will Pope Benedict XVI be able to vote on his successor?

Was it God’s will that my niece died at a young age?

What would it take for a pope to redefine what the Church stated in the Council of Trent about Christians of other faiths?

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