Open Forum

Thursday, Jan 17, 2013 - 7pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

Why don’t certain politicians receive excommunication?

In regard to Romans 8:28-29 and 1 John 4:19, does God allow suffering or does he cause suffering?

If people can’t get to their local church, can they watch Mass on TV instead?

What do Protestants mean when they dedicate children into their church?

Have you heard of the Protestant televangelist Joseph Prince? He tells people they don’t need to follow the Ten Commandments anymore -- what are your thoughts on this?

How can we support the pro-life movement in other ways than just going to protests?

What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on justification?

My single friend is having a baby, and she doesn’t want to go to church anymore because she feels judged -- what should I do as her friend?

Do we have to sing in Mass?

How do Protestants reconcile a mentally challenged person getting into heaven if they believe that a person must consent to being baptized?

How can Christ’s righteousness dwell within us and we be sinners at the same time?