Open Forum

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 - 6pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

From a historical perspective, why are Anglican orders invalid?

Where would you get a relic? How big can a relic be?

What can I do to help  discern my vocation to Franciscan brotherhood?

Can we get credit for attending Mass by watching via Skype or TV?

What is the biblical basis for the difference between mortal sin and venial sin?

If Adam and Eve did not sin, would we exist now?

What books did your Marine friend give you that convinced you to become Catholic?

You believe in God because something cannot come from nothing, but how can we measure nothing, since we have no examples of it?

Nuts And Bolts
"Tim Staples, a former Assemblies of God youth pastor, is a convert to the Catholic Church. During his days as a Protestant, he was convinced that the Catholic Church and most of its teachings were ""unbiblical,"" and he used many biblical arguments trying to demonstrate that. Now, as a Catholic, he is a leading defender of the Catholic Church and in this book he gives you step-by-step answers to fourteen of the most common arguments thrown at Catholics."