Open Forum

Thursday, Sep 25, 2014 - 6pm ET

What is an “Apologetic Catholic”?

At the wedding of Cana, when Mary asked Jesus to change the water into wine, did she ask God to change his mind?

I met an ordained priest who left the priesthood and is now married. He is not practicing his faith. What can I do to bring him back to the Church and help him regain his faith?

What is the church’s view on participating in the Masonic Lodge?

If angels were created outside of time does that mean they are eternal?

What is the reason for lighting the votive candles around the church that are in front of statues? Is it a special prayer?

Christ’s sacrifice on the cross goes back in time and redeems those who died before, so why did they have to wait for him to descend to the dead to release them?

My girlfriend is from India and she is Catholic. I am not Catholic and her parents want me to convert to stay with her and possibly get married. Is that a good enough reason to convert?

Is there anything online for group study or classes in Catholicism?


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