Open Forum

Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 - 7pm ET

I work in a public school and need to understand how to be a Catholic in that environment when dealing with homosexual issues. Can you help?

Regarding John 6 on the Eucharist, why did the author in Beginning Apologetics Volume 1 state that Jesus’ Eucharistic talk ends with verse 58 for Protestants?  The dialog of verses 60-70 occurs later and deals with faith, not the Eucharist. I am confused. Can you explain?

I am confused about the angels. I lost my daughter four and half months ago at 34 years old. Can I pray to her guardian angel for her soul?

How does a Catholic make the choice whether to pray to a saint or Jesus or Mary? Why would you choose one over the other? A Protestant just prays to Jesus. What is the criteria a Catholic would use?

Can you explain something about Jesus’ human nature in eternity in comparison to ours?

Where else in scripture besides Luke and the Visitation is the term “cousin” used?

How did the Church square the practice of distributing first class relics with the requirement that a person’s body remain intact at death?

How do I teach a third grader that God is real? How do I bring it to their level?

What can I say to a Protestant friend who thinks that in history there were two popes at one time, and that apostolic succession was broken?

If God loves everyone, then does he love Satan?

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