Open Forum

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 - 7pm ET

I can hear a coworker talk about her divorce at work.  Her husband cheated and she talks about revenge. What can I say to reach out to her with the love of Christ?

I am concerned about the church possibly changing their position on divorce, and I am wondering about the upcoming synod on the family if this will be addressed. I am also concerned about the book Mercy by Cardinal Kasper because Pope Francis has mentioned it.

What is the best way to raise awareness about the real presence of the Eucharist when evangelizing?

Does Fr. Fessio have any thoughts about Cardinal Dolan being the Grand Marshall of the parade even though openly gay groups are participating in it this year?

About purgatory, is it a painful suffering? I thought it was just separation and waiting. Where is the suffering of purgatory in the Bible?

I teach Catholic Jr. and High School. We have a pajama day coming up and I am unsure about if this is appropriate. What do you think?

Is the Pope going to do away with divorce? There is a lot of talk about the Vatican changing.

I was married, divorced and remarried. My husband is not Catholic. I stopped receiving the Eucharist, and I wanted to know what can I do to start receiving again?

A Christian friend from college says John 6 had nothing to do with the Passover. I am a new Catholic, and I would like to know how to answers this objection.

Did the council of Rome in the year 384 actually take place?