Open Forum

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 - 6pm ET

A protestant friend asked me why Catholics changed their doctrine from: Protestants are going to hell to calling them separated brethren?

Has the church changed its teaching on the fast before receiving the Eucharist. It used to be the night before at midnight, and then it changed to three hours and then to one hour. If it used to be a mortal sin to break the fast then how does the church have the authority to change what is a mortal sin?

When I was at Mass the priest did not put his hands over the Eucharist when he said “The body and blood of Christ” and he did not bless it. Also, when he distributed it he held it cupped in his hands. I am not sure the Mass was valid. I have been to Mass all over the country, and this is the first time I have seen it this way. Is this ok?

What is the best way for spouses with opposing anger management styles to deal with it?

Regarding the origin of Islam, they say it descend from Ishmael, how does this relate to Sarai? Is there something that we need to learn from Sarai?

The Catholic church teaches that God is a forgiving, loving God, and I was taught that the church teaches that when someone commits suicide they are condemned to hell. My son committed suicide so how can I reconcile these two statements?

How do I respond to people who say that abortion is a woman's only issue because men can’t have children?

Regarding the origin of Lilith, if she is not Biblical where did she come from?

The name for God in the Old Testament, El Roi is used in relation to Ishmael and Hagar. This is the only time it is used. Can we use this name to try to reach Muslims rather than the name Allah?