Open Forum

Friday, Aug 22, 2014 - 6pm ET

I am a protestant who has an interest in Catholicism but I am still hung up. The woman with the blood went straight to Jesus; she didn’t have to go through RCIA. I see the Catholic Church as a gatekeeper to Jesus. Why do I need so many intersections from someone else to make the law?

I would like to get a good response for a friend who told me that people don’t need to go to church to worship. What can I say to them?

Colin was on earlier and he was talking about Church’s position on in vitro babies, what is the thoughts on a baby that would be left on a cathedral steps who was probably conceived in a manner not consistent with the church’s teaching. What would be the difference with those two situations?

Can you explain to me what it is in the mass that is “our” sacrifice? I am a protestant not yet Catholic, but I am trying to understand what that is?

I am an Eucharistic Minister at my church, and I have been told that we are to consume the species (blood) after we are done but I have been told by other Catholics that we are not to. What is correct?

I am curious as to how the church sees homosexual marriage by a civil union? I know it’s not a sacramental marriage but what is the thought on civil unions?

In the book of Timothy there is a passage about there being only one mediator between man and God who is Jesus. How does that relate to praying to the saints?

I would like to know the difference between praise and worship? And what is the difference between worship in Catholicism and Protestant faiths?

I knew a couple that was going to a Catholic Church, but they were cohabiting and the priest knew it and told them that it was okay and gave them communion. Is that okay for the priest to do that?

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