Open Forum

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014 - 7pm ET

Can girls be altar servers in either the TLM mass or the Novus Ordo mass?

I am wondering if this argument using the Transfiguration to explain the Assumption is valid theology.  In the Transfiguration, it shows Moses & Elijah who both were assumed into Heaven. If God took those two men up, wouldn’t it be fitting that He’d also take Our Lady up?

There’s a passage in the Gospels when Jesus met two demoniacs and they asked him to not harm them but to send them to the pigs on the hill, and Jesus did that. Why did Jesus listen to the evil spirits?

I have a question about morality in the workplace. My coworker is buying a house with her boyfriend and talks to me about it all the time. How do I respond to that charitably but also not make it seems as though I condone that lifestyle?

I’m listening to a lot of debate on Sola Scriptura and I’m wondering how tradition in Scripture differs from the Traditions we hold today? Or how do they relate?

How do I choose the right parish for an RCIA program? What should I look for to know if it is a good parish?

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