Open Forum

Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 - 7pm ET

How can I explain the importance of baptism to my friend who doesn’t want to be baptized? Also, where did the Old Testament prophets go after they died since there was no baptism back then?

This morning at Mass we asked St. Monica to pray for us that we would merit eternal life? How can we merit anything if our salvation is a gift from God?

Speech given by Cardinal Wojtyla in 1976 to US bishops on the end-times and the persecution the church would be undergoing shortly. It was printed in 1978 in Wall Street Journal. Why has this speech been downplayed so much?

How would you talk to an older brother (64 yrs.) who fell away from the faith and is now a proponent of same-sex marriage?

Does the blessing that the priests or bishops give on these shows count if it’s a repeat show?

Did the Church withhold educational opportunities to the poor in the middle ages. Can you give me some resources to use to explain that this belief is false?

I had relations with women before I was married. Am I considered married to those women in God’s eyes?

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